Smoove, easy to use and operate

Smoove has been a bike share industry leader and product innovator since 2005. Our leadership team is passionate in the areas of public transportation and sustainability, add to that brilliant engineering and you end up with an amazing bike share solution. Smoove's products are used in 16 cities around the globe, with over 20,000 bicycles rolling on the streets.

Laurent Mercat is the founder and CEO of Smoove. Mr. Mercat spent several years managing development projects for NGOs in various parts of the world, until he shifted his focus to urban transportation and for ten years he directed a consulting firm specializing in sustainable mobility, before creating Smoove, where he was able to put this experience and passion into practice. Today, Smoove employees about twenty full time sales, engineering, and support staff, in addition to many more sub-contractors and operational partners, all dedicated to serving clients worldwide.

Smoove is focused on designing, manufacturing, and selling bike share equipment for municipalities, transit agencies, business, and property owners. We are committed to forging top quality systems that offer an amazing user experience, help clients reduce their carbon footprint, and make communities more livable, sustainable, and healthy. Smoove owns all of its proprietary technology and software offering a comprehensive reliable solution.