Helsinki bike sharing 10 years contract service corresponds to a turnkey solution in order to provide citizens of Helsinki with the most advanced bike sharing service worldwide. Service scope consists of 1.500 bikes and 150 stations, of which 500 bikes and 50 stations were deployed on May 2016 and the rest on Spring 2017.

In Helsinki City Bike Finland has been responsible for the detailed bike station design, site construction works and installations. The Public bike service network has been designed together with the City Planning Department. Furthermore, CBF operates the service and provides the stations, bikes and payment terminals, and is responsible for the public bike system maintenance, administration and the customer service.

The service has been successfully running since then with an increasingly use from Helsinki citizens considering it a green option and an advantage compared to other Public Transport systems such as bus, tram, metro or local railway lines.

The number of subscribers since service launching the service has reached more than 34.100.

Weekly bike trips are beyond 68.000, on an average of 7 rides per bike per day of 16,4 minutes and 3,2 km distance.

You can check how the system runs in Helsinki visiting the following video


If you want to learn more about the service, please visit Helsinki City Bike service website