City Bike Finland consolidates its leading position on Public Bike services in Finland with the award of the 8 years contract for operating the system in the city of Espoo. Service runs from the 2nd of May to 31st of October every year (cycling season).

Espoo bike sharing service corresponds to a turnkey solution in order to provide the city with the same most advanced bike sharing service worldwide Helsinki already has. This will allow citizens from both cities to take advantage of sharing the same system, using indistinctly any bike or station, once agreement approval by the Authorities. City Bike Finland will be then responsible for operating the public bike system within both cities.

Espoo service scope consists of 700 bikes and 70 stations, which could turn into a maximum of 1050 bikes and 85 stations in case the option of extension is implemented.

The implementation of this service means that the city of Espoo has the option of being able to access a new sustainable mobility service, with these urban bicycles proposed by City Bike Finland, pioneers in technology and design, lightweight and resistant.

A press release announcing the award has been published on the STTinfo website, click here to learn more.

If you want to learn more about the Espoo service, you can visit Espoo City Bike service website and to Espoon kaupunkipyöräjärjestelmän alustava verkostosuunnitelma


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Espoo launch media gallery - 2nd of May 2018