Service Launching 


Moventia, Catalan company leader in public transport and mobility solutions, and Smoove, French company leader in bike sharing systems,  joined efforts and capacities in order to provide the best bike sharing solution to the city of Helsinki. Thanks to that, Helsinki city bike ten years contract was signed back in December 2015 between HKL and the Moventia and Smoove consortium.

Helsinki bike sharing service corresponds to a turnkey solution in order to provide citizens of Helsinki with the most advanced bike sharing service worldwide. Service scope consists of 1.500 bikes and 150 stations, of which 500 bikes and 50 stations will be deploy on May 2016 and the rest  on Spring 2017. 

Moventia and Smoove have founded CityBike Finland in order to provide Helsinki city bike service during the next 10 years.

If you want to learn more about the service, please visit Helsinki City Bike service website